Exchange Rates


Trade Related Services

  • Opening of L/Cs
  • Advising of L/Cs
  • Adding Confirmation to the L/Cs
  • Issuance of Guarantees - Performance and Financial Guarantees and Bid-Bond Guarantees
  • Honoring Reimbursement claims under L/Cs
  • Discounting of Bills under L/Cs
  • Collection of Bills
  • Status Report/ Solvency Certificate for our Customers


Correspondent Bank A/Cs Services


  • Maintenance of other banks’ Vostro A/C with us
  • Handling of JPY Inter-Bank Settlements
  • Statement of A/C by SWIFT on daily frequency


Trade Finance Services


  • Letters of credit(L/C) Opening/Advising/Confirming
  • Negotiation of Export Bills under L/Cs at competitive rates
  • Export Financing-Foreign Bills purchase
  • Financing Import transactions-Import Trust Receipts
  • Issuance of Guarantees- Shipping and other Guarantees such as Performance , Financial and Bid-Bond Guarantees
  • Financing for Suppliers Credit at competitive rates


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Bills purchase /Collection/Negotiation form

For further details call us at :- Tokyo Branch - 0081 3 3212-3424

Osaka Branch - 0081 6 6261-4035

COVID-19 Preventive Measures

Thank you for your continued support to Bank of India.

Bank of India Japan Branches are taking the measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 guided by the Japanese Bankers Association.

We request all our valued customers to…

* Wear a Mask when visiting the branch

* Disinfect hands at the entrance when entering the branch premises

* Keep distance in the banking hall

* Avoid visiting the branch when having fever, symptoms of cold, etc.

* Fix an appointment before visiting the branch to reduce waiting time

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.


1st June 2020